FTP server no longer working, domain suspended, need backup, what can i do to get the files for my website back?

epiz_27081100, tileworld.xyz

Redirects to suspendeddomain.org, FTP server doesn’t work.

I have read the TOS multiple times, and didn’t think about it when adding “community levels.” Now it’s gone. I need to create a backup to transfer my site to a new host, how can I do that?

You cant retrieve it via FTP until its unsuspened. you have to wait.

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This is a global issue. I would recommend you to wait patiently for a few hours as there was some technical issue in iFastnet as stated by the Admin. The problem is solved but it will take time to re-sync the database.

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This is a known issue.

And this is not a known issue.

What issue do you experience with FTP? Can you please describe the issue in detail?

Oh, found out the latter doesnt work because of the former. The FTP server doesn’t work because the domain is “suspended”

how it doesn’t work? any errors?

I’m sorry, but I think I know quite well how our platform works. And I think the status of any domain name does not affect the status of the account hosting that domain name.

If you believe the domain issue is the cause, feel free to wait until that issue is fixed and get access to FTP. But if the domain comes back online and your FTP doesn’t, then just explain the issue so I can help you.


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