FTP Server don't work

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Timed out (command stream connection)
Unable to connect.

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Hi and welcome to the forum! If you’re having trouble connecting to FTP, here’s an article you can use:


I try it but this don’t work

Then what FTP client are you using to connect to the FTP server? If that’s FileZilla, can you please enable full debug logs and send them here to help diagnose the problem?


I on it but don’t send a error


But online FTP is work

That’s why I told you to enable full debug logs. The ones you’re showing are the basic debug logs, which don’t seem to show much about why you’re getting timed out. One of the easiest ways to enable debug logs is to right clicking on the connection messages box and clicking on the “Show detailed log” button, but there is also the one on the article I’ve linked to (which you didn’t click on).


The same

OK, since you enabled them but you’re getting the same thing, maybe your router is blocking the FTP connection to the server, or your Internet service provider is blocking FTP connections to the server. If that’s the latter, you might try to connect with a VPN to see if you can connect to the FTP server. If that’s the former, then I don’t know how I can help you. If your router has an FTP ALG option and it’s enabled, maybe try to disable it to see if that’s the culprit?


Oh, and my account was also suspended 3 hours ago when I was working in an ftp client. But then it was restored and nothing works. I think if the online manager works here, my network is not to blame.

I don’t understand your reasoning here, I’d argue the exact opposite.

The online file manager is just a web based FTP client, and it uses the exact same FTP server as you’re connecting to with FileZilla. So if the file manager works, it means the FTP server is up and running and FTP access for your account is working.

So the fact that the file manager is working, and the fact that you seem to be getting a timeout error on the initial connection attempt, means there is a network problem between you and the FTP server. And seeing how it seems to affect only you (I just tested - I can login with FileZilla to your account), it seems most likely to me that this is a network issue on your end.

Did you try connecting over a VPN already? And maybe try a different device?


Everything has already worked, I think it was just a timeout

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