Ftp remote path

Hi guys!

I have a question (probably simple for you but not for me!) about remote server and remote ftp path
I try to replicated answers on forum to my case but the system said " * Unable to fetch path from the data received"

My settings with Hosting Volume: vol15_7 and Home Directory:/home/vol15_7/epizy.com/epiz_27414676

Domain Name 923s4fwe.epizy.com
Server Host: ftpupload.net
Protoco: ftp
Port: 21
FTP Username: epiz_27414676
Password: paste from cpan
Ftp path: /htdocs

Thanks in advance to everibody

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If you are using filezilla, it shd look something like this


Thanks Yellow_Pikachu and KangJL!
I’m on AMPPS on local, using " softaculous Import Software - WordPress from remote server " to try import remote site on infinityfree to hdd…

This should probably be your actual website URL, not the account’s main domain. The main domain is just an internal identifier. If your software expects to find the actual website there, that’s not going to work.

But I’ve never used Ampps or their importer. I prefer the migrate websites the manual way anyways, sort-of like this:


Hi Admin and thanks!
In domain name I’ve put trasformazionedigitale.great-site.(net) with server host ftpupload.(net)
Also tried domain name trasformazionedigitale.great-site.(net) with server host sql210.epizy.(com)
(taken fron cpanel) and the system said " * Could not Resolve Domain Name"
[ () for bypass forum allert]
Thanks anyway, I’ll quit and move to another service

You can not use sql server for ftp!

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Yellow_Pikachu you’re tight…
But I’m going crazy…
Thanks again

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