FTP Quota Full

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Error Message

Getting this error on my FTP page while I am trying to upload wp-admin folder and the file is around 8 MB even though I have just used 37% of inodes

Other Information

Disk Quota: 5120 MB
Disk Space Used: 202 MB
Disk Free: 4752 MB
PS: I am currently trying to reinstall wordpress 6.2 cause automatic update just messed the website.

Use any ftp software like filezilla


Please note that the disk usage metrics in the control panel are not live counters. They are refreshed once per day.

Although for more complex file manager operations, you may want to use a desktop FTP client like FileZilla instead (like @HELPINDIA said).

Finally, I see traces of multiple backup plugins on your site. Using our hosting for backup storage is not allowed, and backup plugins tend to cause high IO usage which may result in your account getting suspended.


Hey, I have the FTP issue fixed now thanks and btw I am using backup plugin to backup data into my Google drive account. Isn’t that allowed too?

It’s allowed, but uses a lot of resources, which is bound to get you suspended at some point.


Then how am I supposed to take backup of my site? Currently I just take backup once a week using that plugin



No problem, glad I could help!


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