FTP Problem

Hi, i have tried to create a website using Google Sites
Then from this guide: Export Sites with Takeout - new Google Sites
I exported the html page of my website and i tried to upload to infinityfree but it just didn’t upload
I don’t know the reason. The FTP uploader says that the upload is complete but on the server if i refresh the GUI it don’t appear
I tried with a normal html file and all works fine.
I think is a problem of that html file
How can i fix it?

How large is your html file?

And this is why…


Like 3 MB

Please note that Plaintext files (this includes HTML) are limited to 1MB.


It says:
HTML and PHP files are limited 1 MB.
Well, i think that can be the reason.
So. There is no other way to upload that file?

OR maybe there is a way to compress it or to lower the file dimension?

What type of file is it?

HTML @Greenreader9, it’s on the talk from the first.

Htnl page
It is like 2 MB Bigger

As I have already said:

You may have to split the file into 3 equal parts. From there, you can have a PHP file and include them in order. By doing this, you will have the same HTML file served, just pieced together by the server.


Here’s a brief of what @wackyblackie means:


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