FTP Permission Denied

hello good day to you please I am getting permission denied error when i login with ftp can you help :slight_smile:

You can’t delete the default htdocs folder, because it’s owned by the system. Also, if you’re trying to upload a custom document root, you can’t do that; you must use your domains’ htdocs folders to upload your websites files on.


I want to add my own site. How do I make my script?

I posted httpdocs but how can I edit my site

You can do it from the File Manager going on the htdocs folder (and not httpdocs or public_html, because htdocs is the default document root on free hosting and can’t be changed). If you have a CMS, it’s easy to add and manage content and scripts on your website. If you’re doing it from scratch, you can also edit the HTML/PHP/CSS/JS files and edit some codes on it, but you should have knowledge of at least HTML (and CSS to design your website, JavaScript to make some functions like clickable buttons, for example the menu for mobile devices, to execute a function that makes the menu be showed or other things, and PHP/MySQL to make the backend (and sometimes even the frontend) of your website).


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