Ftp - permission denied

**My website URL is: aydinphotobackup.epizy.com

**What I’m seeing is: Permission Denied. File or directory unavailable, not found or not accessible.

I am using iPhone, trying to upload pictures to ftp. I was successfully using the same iphone, same app yesterday but today i have this issue.

If i use website ftp file manager i still can successfully upload the files/pictures.

What is the configuration you use in the iPhone app?

The file manager itself uses the same FTP server as your mobile app does. So if the file manager works, likely FTP is working for your account as well. Which makes me suspect that the configuration of your app may be the issue.



interesting thing is I didn’t change the settings from the beginning. It is the same. It just worked for 1 day only and next day stopped.

server : ftp.epizy.com
login : my username
pass: my password
director : I have chosen the correct one under the root, I know root cannot be overwritten.
port : 21
ftp mode: automatic

is there any space limit for free accounts? maybe I reached to the max limit of size or number of files?

You can check the inode counter in the control panel. If that’s at 100%, you won’t be able to upload any new files anymore.

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