Ftp not working

FTP timeout issue, anyone else facing the same or its just me?

website ip:

volume: vol18_1

FTP is fine for me.

Try changing network or use vpn.


have tired with vpn and different network, facing the same issue.
now it shows 404 for https://filemanager.ai/*

Are you using the Filemanager or some other FTP manager? The filemanager is unstable right now.

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ftp manager shows timeout and file manager redirects to https://filemanager.ai which now has 404.

Connect via a desktop client like filezilla.

Don’t connect with online file manager.


have already tried filezilla before posting here, not helpful.

for me both aren’t working , after password auth its getting timeout in filezilla and in FTP manager its loads for a while and then again drops me to credentials page.

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