FTP Not working


I have followed all the step in the help website but I still cannot access to my FTP.
The ftp password provided is incorrect and when I want to change it,after validating the confirmation popup, I have an infinite loading.

I check with Chrome dev tools and I cannot see any query on the Network connection so i suppose that confirming the button do simply nothing…

I use Chrome on Windows.

Thanks for your help.

Unfortunately I cannot edit my previous message. Indeed it works now ( I misunderstood the CPANEL step) but still cannot change the FTP password.

The edit password thing being broken was a technical issue on our end, a fix is being deployed as we speak and should be ready in a few minutes.

Confusing the “hosting account” password and the “client area” password (which are different) is a common mistake. If you have any suggestions on how to help prevent that confusion, I’d love to hear it.

Hey thanks for your answer. Indeed first I misunderstood the difference between the two (it could be a good idea to be more explicit about it on the email - if it’s not already the case).
For the CPANEL, I think it’s a good idea to put in the help section a picture with a big red arrow saying “click here to activate FTP” :-). For the edit password, great, good news that now is working (a bit late right now to test but I will soon :-)). Thanks anyway.