FTP Not logging me in. (with everything in order)

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The FTP service is down and my account is beeing blocked from any ftpmanager. The credentials are right (followed both the link from the account settings and the cpnale page + changed the password) but it seems like my connection is continously refused somehow.

Can you share the full logs from FileZilla?


I currently use Atom directly with a plugin which doesn’t provide any log, but even Filemanager.ai (the one provided by you) is not accepting me (screenshot below).

(legend: on the section “host” i replaced it with *host * (for obvious reasons) after having tried)

The host is not *host *. It is ftpupload.net.

(like I already asked you to?)


I know that, but still id didn’t work at all. Since I was using the ftp manager button from the infitinityfree account page. Now it works, somehow.

Most likely it was a temporary server issue that has already been resolved.