FTP Not Connect

I cannot access the free server with ftp.
I am trying to login with the information received by mail and it gives an error such as directory not found.
What should I do ?

I tried it from a different computer.
I tried it from a different ip address, it did not happen again.
I can not connect to ftp in any way.
Where is the problem? what should I do?1011 1012

Hi and welcome.

Please check this post that was created a few minutes before yours:

i tried it and it doesn’t work. it’s not happening

Looking at the username, it starts with b13_. That’s not an InfinityFree account, but a ByetHost account. We can’t help you with a hosting account from a different hosting provider.

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That’s like trying to use roblox’s ftp servers but thinking your site’s files will be there. Just as admin said we can’t help with offsite problems

I can tell you like ROBLOX. What’s your username?

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