FTP login - restricted bandwidth

windows -TP Problem with trying to log into my site to upload web page:
Help with Error - Your bandwidth usage is restricted

Maybe you have restricted your bandwidth. Try check your FTP client settings, or look at your router.
I don’t think that we restrict FTP bandwidth.


I’ve never seen the message “Your bandwidth usage is restricted” myself.

But as far as I can tell, this is normal, and not an error. The message just means that the FTP server has a limit of how fast a particular connection/user can transfer files. That makes sense, because we don’t want a single person with a fast internet connection to use all the capacity of the entire FTP server and make it unusable for everyone else. So it makes sense that any hosting provider will want to limit bandwidth usage to ensure fair use.

This shouldn’t prevent you from managing files though. Can you please explain what issues you are having exactly? And maybe also share the full logs from FileZilla?


I received this error not long ago. It was because my session had expired (I had cleared my cookies in my browser). The error was coming from Monsta FTP. To fix the issue I logged back to my InfinityFree account and clicked the File Manager link again and uploads in Monsta FTP worked fine after that.


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