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I am trying to move my wordpress website from another hosting. I have 1.9GB to upload. I have had FileZilla trying to upload them and it uploaded ~=100MB in 4 Hours. I tried to upload it as a zip but that just fails with an error: “socket disconnected”

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Server is upgrading…

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When is the upgrade estimated to complete?

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Maybe tomorrow or later. We can’t tell the time.

And you can’t upload files bigger than 10mb :<. Try to minimize it.

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with this speed it would take a week for 1.9GB
I will try it later.


FTP is slow in general, especially if you have high latency to the FTP server. And seeing how you’re on the other side of the planet (judging by your IP address), the latency is going to be high.

The typical way to work around that would be to upload the archive and extract that on the server. Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to extract archives “on the server” properly, and the 10 MB file size limit is going to delete your archive before you can try as well. So that’s not an option.

I know that this is annoying. But unfortunately, I don’t have a better option for you.


Have you tried Win SCP?
It is fast and easy to use

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Or maybe just use google drive, archive.org, mediafire or other file hosting that provide large file size because Infinityfree has limited inodes and limited upload size (around 10 MB)

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