FTP is not working: Could not read line from Socket

Since yesterday I try to send my site, but FTP is not working. Someone with the same problem?

The same thing happens to me, but the console says something that the limit of connected accounts is at the limit or something like that I don’t remember.
I will try to try at night

Hello there,

Yes many people have been experiencing the same problem already. The only thing we can do is wait for an official update to why it’s not working.

An official update has now been posted:

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Email states: "After logging in to the control panel for the first time, you will also be able to login to FTP to upload your own website files. "
cannot login to ctrl panel.
nothing works, u have to wait 72 hrs, for anything to work?

then I am given generated password … but it does not state where it supposed to work. a generated domain name? I entered the name. is it really to be randomchars.epizy.com … I cant spend weeks on this. what exactly is the cause of nothing working ?? messages are vague, not sure I should try anymore.

No, you’ll have to login to rhe Control Panel at least once in order for the FTP and the Filemanager to work so you can start uploading your own files.

Check the Client area, you can see your Account details there just like the random generated password sent to your email.

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at the risk of being redundant. “cannot login to ctrl panel.”

tried MY password, tried the generated one.
with generated user name.

wait, is the name I entered to be domain name, the control panel user name ? doh
because domain name seems to generated … trying again …

tried all possible inventions - cannot login to control panel

Hello there,

When pressing the “Control Panel” button in the Client area, it should log you in the Control Panel automatically.

I just realized we are hijacking this topic, Please create a new topic about your issue. Also can some moderator merge this posts? Really sorry.

gee okay . I dont see a new topic button …

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