FTP Hostname - Which One Should We Use?

I’m curious about people who keeps getting an error while connecting to FTP w/ FileZilla.

Recently I am ‘messing’ around Accounts page, and found something that could bring us into confusion, and needs to be clarified.
I found that there are several different FTP Hostname provided within InfinityFree pages, which are the following:

Question is, which one should we use?

IMO, ftpupload.net is the one who doesn’t make much sense, I mean it’s likely not related to InfinityFree at all, so how could one get connected to their data by using this hostname?
ftp.epizy.com is much more reasonable, since it was part of InfinityFree, and that our free hosting are shared.
If anything I can mostly relate to, I’d think that using IP Address as hostname is the most rational way.

I didn’t try either of them because I’m frequently using Angular FTP. So perhaps any answer to this post can be used as reference to others who had problem with connecting to FTP

They all point to the same IP address, so it doesn’t really matter which one you use.

However, the SSL certificate on the FTP server is issued for ftpupload.net. So only with that domain you can be completely certain your connection to the FTP server is secure.