FTP hostname doesn't connect

Hi guys! I tried to connect through FTP using Filezilla, but it didn’t go through.

I tried to ping FTP hostname ftp.epizy.com to check. Problem seems to be there (server connection time out). Could you please check?



Only @Admin can check. And yes, the FTP server downtimes do happen sometimes, but very rarely (usually when the party that manages our FTP server decides to upgrade or do testing or whatevernot)… If it is not local, but global issue then it will need to get fixed in near time.

Have a nice day!


Hi Mike! Thanks for the answer.

The connection is still out after all these days. Could you guys please request @Admin to check? FTP server is sttill down. Thanks.

That’s very strange, I have no problems connecting to FTP nor have I had any problems in the last few days. Could you try with another device or on another network to rule out any network issues on your end?