FTP failing

Username - epiz_32831297

Website - bd-travel.infinityfreeapp.com

Status: Resolving address of ftpupload.net
Status: Connecting to…
Status: Connection attempt failed with ETIMEDOUT - Connection attempt timed out.
Error: Could not connect to server

I use FileZilla for FTP and all was working ok until yesterday. I have tried a different computer and I still can’t connect.
Using Host - ftpupload.net
Username - epiz_32831297
My cpanel password
Port 21

Any ideas? Thank You!



I have tried logging into control panel - that works.

I have checked and double checked credentials. I have used several computers connected to my Spectrum router - they all don’t FTP the same.

I have changed my password, rebooted computer - FTP still doesn’t work.

I don’t see anyway to check ALG settings in the Spectrum app that accesses the router. I reset router to factory settings - FTP still not working.

I’ve used ftpupload.net and ftp.epizy.com and they both resolve to the same IP, Still not connecting to server error.

I don’t know how to use VPN to connect FileZilla so that is not an option.

I am out of ideas!
Thanks though.

  1. Install a VPN
  2. Connect to FileZilla while connected to the VPN

Try using a different computer, and/or a different network

Try visiting a library or public coffee shop (Make sure you are connecting securely if so)


Thank you Greenreader9. I have installed Proton free VPN and tried FileZilla, no help.

I have also tried two different computers. I will ask a friend to try same login from their computer.

What bothers me the most is that when I setup the account ( a week ago), I used FileZilla on this computer and it was working fine. It just stopped a couple of days ago.

Never mind! I just realized I had not started the VPN. When I did, it worked. Wonder why it worked before without VPN?


So the issue is probably going to be a policy on your router, possibly by your ISP.


Thank you Greenreader9! :grinning:

Just talked to Spectrum and they had added a new “security” feature which blocked my FTP attempts! Don’t you just love it! :rage:


Glad you figured it out! We’re they willing to remove the block for you?


Yes they did unblock and it is working again! All is good.


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