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error during ftp delete directory file not found
upload failed error during ftp file not found

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Helo this is my first time using hosting for my school project but why is the FTP broken, I refered to many tutorials but this is out of my hands when I access it through the client area I upload files I get error when I access from the control panel the files I uploaded doesn’t appear… is it just me or anyone having this issue aswell? Also using Filezilla the connection couldn’t even be established. I’m only trying to upload opencart…


Ooo! All doesn’t work except the VPN one I can now connect with FileZilla (idk the ALG part) but still after successfully upload the opencart zip file it appears for a brief moment then disappears…? why


  1. The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 10MB
  2. you expose your own password in the first video (base64 url). please change your password immediately.

Oh I see… didn’t see them mentioning that… damn been frustrating over this they should’ve said that to begin with D: opencart is 16mb uploading each files approx 4k takes almost hour

We’ll do thanks!

@user01 You probably shouldn’t be on other peoples account, without permission it’s actually illegal, the MonstaFTP issue has been seen before Disclosure of the FTP Password inside Filemanager.ai link - #2 by HaydenANG


I apologize to Miku-sama. but i do this for her good. that’s all.


It’s ok, you didn’t have any malicious intend I assume it’s good that you notify me about that :smiley: I didn’t even suspect that my password would be stored in the link, I studied programming I thought it’s common sense to not have password typed inside the link yet here it is… D:

Well, I’ll be more careful from now on.


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