Ftp errors again

hello @admin i have deleted everything in my website but still am seeing that my website there isnt anything css folder in it but still my website showing me that i have css also those javascripts working my domain: dopenews.xyz

try and wait for cache

You cant ping admin

I see you are using cloudflare, it caches content of your website, for me i see a main page with no css (console says they don’t exist). Try to clear your browser cache as well as cloudflare ones.


i tried everything

already man so many times even used in other browsers too like edge and Firefox same shit happening also images is not showing

Screenshot please?

Works for me, as I said:

Unless you don’t mean it, please send here the screenshots of what you’re seeing.

It works only in Desktop send me screenshot If working fine in your android?

It works on both of my devices (i cannot send ss from my android phone sorry), Again:

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How to clear cache from cloudflare too ?? I already done everything man nothing working still showing same shit i thought there was problem in my css but you saying its working fine for you -_- am stuck now :pensive:


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It been has been fixed now thanks anyways the problem was in google chrome tho you were right but not cache problem i just debugged it And got an error Thanks now

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