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I am having FTP issues. I try to post on main help page and my forum gets deleted. I try to post on pinned forum, and my post gets deleted. My component is vol 10 not 17 or 18. Where can I post then? I HAVE FTP ISSUE

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Hello, I am having FTP issues. I do not have good backup of files. My website was down, but back now. I use WinSCP.

URL: lytreviewcom
Username: epiz_33043901
Vol: vol10_2

WinSCP Response:
Timeout detected. (control connection)
Connection failed.

I tried FileZilla but not very familiar with it. Response:

Status: Resolving address of ftpupload.net
Status: Connecting to…
Error: Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity
Error: Could not connect to server

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Hello. I have checked what I could from the list. Still not working.

I have determined the file manager on the website is functioning. However, no access from WinSCP or FileZilla. Thanks!

Issue is definitely on your end.
Read carefully the link I posted


I have reread the post carefully. And nothing is working. How should I proceed? Thanks you!

This does look like it is on your end, as I can connect to FTP just fine. It is quite possible that something is blocking access to port 21 (which is needed for FTP to work), which would explain why the online filemanager works, but no local program does.

This something can be your antivirus (if you have one), a VPN, your operating system’s built in antivirus (most have one these days), your home router, and even your ISP. If it is your router or ISP, you’ll have to contact them on how to remove that. If you are connected to a VPN, try disabling that. If it is on your computer (and none of what I said above), there’s plenty of guides on the internet, as from what I’ve seen antivirus software is generally configured vastly differently from provider to provider (so you’d have to look up the specific directions for the provider that you use, if you use one at all).


Thank you. Is this something that modifies often? Everything worked until the website issues all were having. Before I could use WinSCP easily. I will contact ISP to hear what they say.

The same place you can ask any questions that you can clearly see is not related to an existing outage: as a new topic in the Hosting Support category.

If you have an FTP issue on a different hosting volume with a different error message, it’s pretty much guaranteed that your issue is not related to the outage. So adding your message to the outage topic anyways is off topic which, as the outage topic also clearly says, will be deleted without warning.

That’s not the IP address of our FTP server. This means something on your end is hijacking and manipulating your DNS traffic. This is usually caused by a malware scanner or parental control filter that’s “protecting” you from our big, scary and evil FTP server.

One way to work around this is to switch your device or network to Google Public DNS or Cloudflare’s service, that do not censor your internet access.

Alternatively, you can use ftp.epizy.com as the FTP hostname. That one also points to our server and generally isn’t blocked unlike ftpupload.net.


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