Ftp econnrefused


I try to upload some files with the FTP client FileZilla, but I’m getting a message that says the connection was refused by the server. The File Manager in my cPanel is not working either.

What’s the problem. (I created a new account, because my old account was suspended and I can’t delete it)

I have a hosting account at cmshost.nl too, here is the exact same problem!

i got the same problem i think and i don’t know what’s going on so please reply asap @Admin

Hi, same problem with my account… any solution ?

I got multiple accounts, on multiple hosting providers (Infinityfree, cmshost etc.) And everywhere the same problem occurs… I think it may be something bigger that Infinityfree… Maybe something’s wrong with cPanel. Or the FTP just got a new IP adress. When I check port 21 on that IP, it returns the message: “Port 21 is closed on ftpupload.net” Please @admin, tell us when you think this problem is resolved…

Well, I think we got our answer! A reply to this topic would be nice since I will receive an e-mail about updates on this topic and I don’t have the time to check this forum all the time!

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