Ftp down

No puedo subir archivos por ftp, ni por el administrador de archivos , ya verifique las credenciales y cambie la clave y no funciona nada

ya intente con otra cuenta que tambien tengo y tengo el mismo inconven

Ya cambie la clave y coloque la nueva y no me funciona en ninguno de los dos hosting

Hi and welcome to the forum! Please write your messages in English so that other members in the forum can understand your posts.

An automated translation of your posts is this, let me know if something is wrong:

I can’t upload files by ftp, nor by the file manager, I have already verified the credentials and changed the password and nothing works.

I have already tried with another account that I also have and I have the same problem.

I have already changed the password and put the new one and it does not work on either hosting.

You said that you have verified the credentials, but just to be sure, are you sure you are using the hosting account password and not the client area password? If you’re using the FTP password provided within the client area and it is not working, are you resetting the password through the client area as well?
The following article may help:

If you try every suggestion and still face an issue, can you share the full debug logs from Filezilla?


la ip de mi hosting :

sigue sin funcionar.

en otro hosting que tengo tambien me presenta el mismo error y ese me funiconaba normalmente porque es en el que hago pruebas.

Please replace the screenshot above, as this is a public forum and you do not want your password to be publicly shown!

I think I know what may be causing your error: are you using an automated translator to read pages?
As you may have noticed, the title in your screenshot mentions an account with the username if0_35874833. The prefix if0 is unfortunately translated to si0 later on by your translator, which is what’s causing this issue.

If you enter the username correctly (with if0 instead of si0), you should be able to login. I would recommend not using a translator and translating sentences manually, or at least disabling it when you need to copy credentials, to avoid similar issues in the future.


muchas gracias esa era la solucion ya corregi el traductor y me funciono.

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Please change your password to make sure that your account isn’t compromised.


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