FTP Date Stamp incorrect for Time Zones - Setting Date and Time to local Date time

I am FTP uploading JPG images to my site however the Date and Time does not match my local time zone. I intend to delete files over 7 days old and would like to see accurate information on the date time stamp relative to my local time zone in this case UK Winter Time.

I am aware that the server may be used by many users

Can you tell me what Time Zone the server is set to?

Is there any way to set time zone on my cpanel?

Hey folks.

It seems like there is again an maintenance in the other infrastructure part that controls our FTP server and File Manager. Unfortunately this has been happening for the past few weeks, but we really hope that the FTP downtimes will slow down soon.

We are sorry for the inconveniences, unfortunately there is nothing much that we can do about these time periods when this happens.


Our system timezone is America/New_York. Since this is the system time, which is server wide, you can’t change it yourself through your control panel. However, you can override the time zone in your scripts by using the php function date_default_timezone_set().

Also, I would like to point out that using our FTP service for automated file uploads is not allowed. The FTP service is only intended for website administration. If your script needs to access files on your account, you can use PHP built in functions for file management instead.