FTP Connection Issue

我遇到的问题 一直连接不成功

尝试过其他ftp连接是ok的 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Uploading: 微信图片_20230727122604.png…

Please use ftp.
SFTP is not supported



Glad to see your problem has been solved!
But (if there’s a) next time, please create a new topic instead of hijacking some random topic, thank you!

And please post in English as much as possible, or at least use a translator.

By the way, judged from the screenshot you’ve provided, it is normal as our servers do cut inactive connection after just 20 seconds.

If you really meant “changed” then probably your former VPN was just slow and was so easy to exceed the time limit.
If you meant “use” then probably your Internet has been slow. I have never experienced such issue before.


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