FTP connection impossible

Hello, i’m would connect to the FPS but i’m can’t…

Screenshot : Screenshot by Lightshot

Where it is framed in red, at this moment of connection it stagnates then 20 seconds after it is indicated that I am inactive

For me, FTP runs normally and my advice is have you tried it through net2ftp.com?

May I know if you are connecting between your domain and your DNS? or are you using a subdomain provided by InfinityFree?

If the domain is not connected to DNS it is unlikely that FTP will work properly

If you still want to use FTP through FileZilla, try to set the FTP connection mode to “Always use Plain FTP (not secure)”.


I have try and it’s work! Thank’s a lot!!

But for why i’m can’t connect in “Securised” and “No-Securised” works?

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For why can you not connect in “Explicit TLS” mode, it may be because of the firewall obstacling your connection to Explicit TLS. For Plain FTP, it will work, whether the firewall is active or not.

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