FTP Connection error from Site.Pro

Website URL: nourishourfuture.org

Error Message

While publishing the changes, I am getting below error:
Error: Builder could not connect to hosting server. Please check hosting firewall. It must allow FTP connections from builder server.

Other Information

I have checked that FTP account is enabled but not sure why I started getting this error. It used to work before 2 days ago.
Your help will be appreciated.

Did you try connecting to FTP yourself to verify that this works? It would be good to know if the problem is with FTP on your account or with Site.pro which needs to access it.


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yes FTP works on my side. Looks like something from Site.Pro
Can you please help me with this?

Sorry… I am trying to connect with filezilla and connection is timing out as below:
|Status:|Resolving address of ftpupload.net||—|—|
|Status:|Connecting to…|
|Error:|Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity|
|Error:|Could not connect to server|

Looks like FTP for my account is not working

disregard this comment

I have tried login directly using IP address through FileZilla and I am able to login.


I would seem that there was a temporary issue with the FTP connection from Site.pro to our FTP server. But that all seems to be OK now.

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