FTP blocked

problem number 2
entered all the relevant info from the account ftp details page, but wont let me in
what now ?.

Click ok for unknown cert to proceed

Can you do this please?

thanx kangjl
yes iv already done that
but then the RED text says: CRITICAL ERROR,could not connect.
i suppose ill have to use the file manager instead.

@MAVELL You are entering the wrong password, hence the 530 error occurs:


thanx greenreader9
wow !.. basic procedures, are so complicated
im so confused.

On seccond thought…

Make sure you have the right password. Remember its different from your account password and can be found in the client area under FTP password.


thanx guys your both right
i read somewhere , that you have to use the same password as your account
but in the account you have to show/hide,the ftp password, which is completly different.

hows anyone meant to know this ?

thanx again , ftp now activated xx

It says when you signup for the account. Make sure you read the banners and notifications, they are important. It also says it in large text in the client area, kind of hard to miss. Glad you got it working.

thanx G
all my other ftp passwords are identical to their account.
but infinity, uses a custom one, taht you have to unHIDE
i didnt know this, as im a newbe
thanx again.

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