FTP Authentication failed - monsta

I’m trying to open monsta file manager from morning, I’m getting this error “FTP Authentication failed”, I tried to login more than ten twelve time with right credentials.

Can anybody tell me what’s the problem is this.

Did you got error 421? i have same problem too, someone said that is DDoS attack

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No bro,

Please please please read before posting duplicate posts. FTP servers are under load right now due to a DDoS attack

Can you give me page url

Here is the announcement

Thank you very much

@javiergra and @Ihaveheadace, it’s not a DDoS attack problem now, because it was fixed before he posted this topic!

@_aw_techy, try to reset your FTP password from the Client Area, or use the FTP account details from your hosting account page. If that still doesn’t work, or you get a “421 Home directory not specified - exiting” or something similar with a FTP client, then try creating a new hosting account with the same subdomain/domain name after removing that domain/subdomain from the “Addon Domains” section of the Control Panel.

I’m using the FTP account details from my hosting account page.

I also edited the post with the following details:

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