FTP authantication error

FTP username: epiz_25774971
domain: nurnobi.epizy.com

Yesterday my domain was suspended by mistake and Infinityfree reactivated my domain immediately. But when I try to login to the online file manager through cpanel, I get stucked. I changed my FTP password 3 times but nothing happened. I changed my profile password also. I cannot enter to online file manager. Please help me to recover this problem.

Hello there,

There is currently an ongoing maintenance with some of the servers. Hosting accounts are being migrated to the new servers with better hardware and your FTP connection is very likely to be affected by this. Please be patient.

You may refer to this pinned announcement:

but my website’s ip address is none of those. is my website’s ip address.

Only the Admin can confirm that. Based on the announcement, your IP is unaffected.

So what can I do to solve this problem?I also tried from FileZilla but again this problem happens.

Can you try to change your site password. Then try to connect with new password?

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Do you mean my site’s ftp password?or my profile’s password?I changed both passwords several times.

Site ftp.

Yes. I changed it but every time I try to enter my site’s online file manager, it says FTP authantication failed.

I also can’t visit my site.

Did you change the hosting account password through the Client Area or the “Reset Password” functionality of the Control Panel? If you changed it through the reset password functionality of the Control Panel: NEVER, EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER USE THAT EVER AGAIN! It is known to cause various problems and it’s only suggested to change it through the Client Area. Also, there is some maintenance going on on the IP where you’re on (I think they’re upgrading the storage there too) and you should wait until it’s done.


I changed the password from here. (I uploaded the screenshot)

Other website IPs are down now, also as a result from the storage upgrade. Here is the announcement:


Thank you very much. I was very concerned about it and now this is working.

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