FTP address not working

Well, if you go to " FTP Accounts" in CP you will see there the details to connect to your FTP, apparently, ftpupload.net doesn’t work but instead I found ftp.infinityfree.com somewhere else and it worked, should I do something about this?

The just use the one that worked for you!
The official is suggesting to use ftpupload.net, but if it don’t work for you, you can safely use other urls.


The hostname ftpupload.net is recommended if you can, because that’s the domain the SSL certificate on our FTP server is actually valid for. But you can use any hostname you want, as long as it connects to the right IP, or even connect to the IP directly.

For some reason, many people have trouble with ftpupload.net due to virus scanners, firewalls and security filters. We don’t know what is blocking it and why they are blocking it.


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