Frustrating with the SSL issue


Tried numerous times but failed. After installed zero SSL and get secured favicon at browser when typed my website, but after I clicked other pages the SSL will gone then the website entirely become unsecured site. I tried delete and install new certificate remains same issue. Please advise!

Without more info we cannot help you.
What is the url?
Did you do this?


For your information: if you can type HTTPS before the URL and see anything that’s not an SSL error, it means you have a valid SSL certificate on your site. If that’s the case, getting a different SSL certificate or reinstalling the certificate is not going to help, because the problem is not the certificate.

It’s hard to determine the issue exactly without seeing the website, but if you’re redirected back to HTTP, then it’s your website doing that. To fix that, you need to make sure that all URLs on your website use HTTPS. How to do that depends on how you’ve built your website.


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