From my hosting account

Pourquoi les nom de domaines que j’ai à mon compte d’hebergement sont difference de ceux du panel de control?

pourquoi il y a un seul nom de domaine qui reste bloquer à mon panel de control, malgré je change les noms ça reste toujours bloquer?

merci pour la reponse. Et pour votre aide.


Why are the domain names I have in my hosting account different from those on the control panel? why is there only one domain name that remains blocked on my control panel, despite I change the names it always remains blocked? thank you for the answer. And for your help.

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This is the Main Domain and is used solely for backend purposes.


Mais le nom de domaine est different à celui du paneau de control, et je change le nom de domaine dans mon compte d’hebergement mais ça ne change pas dans mon paneau de control?


But the domain name is different from the control panel, and I change the domain name in my hosting account but it does not change in my control panel?

I don’t understand your problem.
Your Main Domain will change every time you create a new Hosting Account.
Your (sub)domain will stay the same, considering you set everything up correctly.

hier j’ai créé un sous-domaine mais ça parrait contraire (devant en arrière) dans mon paneau de control?

une autre question. Donc le nom domaine pincipal, ça ne change pas?


yesterday I created a subdomain but it looks the opposite (front to back) in my control panel? another question. So the main domain name does not change?


Once again, please type in English or use an online translator. The main domain of your account, as denotated in the client area, does not change. You can create and edit your subdomains in the control panel under “Subdomains”.


I created a new one yesterday and it seems opposite (front-to-back)

Example, in my hosting account I have Souvenir Tours…

but in the control panel it’s Souvenir Tours


Can you share some screenshots showing what you mean?



Of my dmains page acount or my panel control?

Of whatever your question is on. I still don’t completely understand what your question is.


We had talked about my domains and you asked me for a screenshot. So I ask you what screen?

If it’s of my hosting account, or control pane


Why not send both?

Ok. I have 3 domains registered in my hosting account, but in the control panel, there is only the main domain. I chage the names of the others, there is one that appears front-to-back, and the other remains the same as the main domain.



The domain list in the client area is periodically synced from the control panel. It can be useful, but isn’t guaranteed to be correct.

The control panel is the only true source of domain names.

I think there may be some confusion here. I checked your accounts, and I see you have three hosting accounts registered in your client area profile.

The client area profile is the thing you use to login with on It’s identified with an email address.

From the client area, you can make up to three hosting accounts. These are identified with usernames like epiz_12345678. Every hosting account is a standalone piece of server space, which you can use to separate multiple websites.

Every hosting account comes with a separate control panel login. Every hosting account is independent. So if you have three hosting accounts, you also have three control panel logins, from which you can manage each account individually.

A hosting account has any number of domain names like or These are the things on which you can actually publish your website. The main domain isn’t strictly part of this, because it’s only an internal identifier. The actual domain names can be found in the Addon Domains, Parked Domains and Subdomains sections in the control panel.


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