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403 Error Message

403 Forbidden

The website’s configuration prevents you from accessing this page.

alright, here goes the story. When I was uploading the files to htocs file at first it didnt work, and out of pure idiocy I deleted the index2.html file. I have no clue what it does, but im pretty sure i needed it. after this, my homepage became a place where you coould choose which file to open instead of just the html I had uploaded, and it was called the Directory isting. After following a thread posted 2 years ago here, I cam to the concluison taht I should add a file called .htaccess and enter the line Index -Options or something like that. After doing this the problem got worse as now there is a 403 error. I could (and probably will) delete that file but what do I do to fix my problem?

Hello there,

There is no problem in deleting the index2.html file, it is just the default InfinityFree homepage for newly created websites, in fact you should delete it once you’ve uploaded your site files into htdocs.

If it shows a Directory Listing that means you don’t have an “index.html” file or any file that you have declared as the default page that a browser will show first when someone visits your site. Make sure that you have your Index file in the htdocs folder.

You may also need to read this KB article::

The reason why it shows an Error 403 is because the rule you added in .htacces prevents a directory listing of your website, this rule is beneficial for your site’s security. I have used the Options -Indexes rule for all my website to prevent the public from being able to view all of my site files and folders in a directoy listing.

Also here is a guide for you that you may want to read:


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