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My website is I realize I have been getting frequent suspensions, sometimes everyday. I checked the deactivation history and it stated that I’m mostly suspended due to I/O limits and sometimes CPU limits.

I’ve come to understand that this happens with high traffic, complex scripts and such. The website uses a default theme, has barely any content, with no more than 10 plugins and no hits at all.

I have installed a super cache plugin as per remedy stated, but it still went into suspension.
I would appreciate some help and insight into this problem.

Do you read and agree to the terms and conditions of InfinityFree?

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Please read InfinityFree’s terms and conditions.

What is your website’s purpose for?

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First things first., my website has no illegal, explicit or copyrighted works from other sources. It does not violate any terms and conditions set forth by Infinityfree. Its suspended due to I/O or CPU limits as per report in deactivation history.

As mentioned…its frequent suspension…not permanent. . Meaning that it reactivates but gets suspended at a later time. so nothing to do with their terms and conditions or prohibited content.

Try using caching plugins like W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, Autoptimize etc. These plugins help reduce CPU usage. Read about them to know which one suits your needs.

If you don’t already use a CDN, using Cloudflare can be helpful as it also serves Cached pages. You can read about the same in the Knowledge Base article.

Also, how can you say that your site receives zero hits?


Anyone trying to give solutions please do read my post thoroughly otherwise it’s not gonna help…I’ve already read through available knowledge base based on this problems. I am using cloudflare, Super cache, have not violated terms and conditions.
There’s no hits because my website is still new (VERY few content)…no one knows about it and it’s stated on the graph in my infinityfree analytics page before I posted this.

Would appreciate it, if Hosting support can look into this. Thank you.

I’m sorry, but there is not much I can tell you. The exact methods and numbers on how the resource limits work on free hosting are kept strictly confidential (to prevent abuse). I also don’t have any detailed information about what exactly caused the high CPU usage on your account. Detailed resource usage statistics and snapshots are only available on premium hosting (which also comes with much higher limits to begin with).

That said, please note that the number of plugins is not a good indicator of your resource usage. Having 10 lightweight plugins may be much better than having one poorly coded resource hog in your website.

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