Frequent timeouts and lags

anybody else experiencing this or just me? what’s going on?


My site is functioning properly :slight_smile:
What’s your website domain?


i made it redirect all traffic to another website, i’m done with this


If you don’t like our hosting and would rather go elsewhere, it’s your choice, we can’t stop you.

But if you’re going to come here and bash our services, please at least give us the chance to investigate the issue and offer a solution. Please don’t go and bash us for not fixing an issue you didn’t tell us about.


i apologize for saying that it was just the heat of the moment.

The website in question is and i’m noticing timeouts and delays every 5 seconds or so, sometimes it’s down for more than 2 minutes and it’s been like this since yesterday.

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you load a bunch of stuff, maybe try lessening the requests?


i have it hosted on 3 other places and they never lagged on me once.

It is fast and no lag to me.
Consider switching network / device / browser, using a vpn, or using a public dns resolver like .


tried VPN + incognito multiple times and it’s the same problem since yesterday

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I checked your website and got some timeout errors too for a short moment.

It’s possible that this may be caused by the server load issues caused by the cron jobs feature. Those have been fixed now.

Your site loads nice and fast now. Do you still experience this issue?


thank you so much! it’s working perfectly now and i really apologize for earlier i was just mad because people messaged me on discord about this issue.
This is my favorite hosting service keep it up! i hope you guys keep growing and achieve more in the future.


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