Freenom Nameserver issues

Freenom Nameserver issues

We’re seeing a large number of reports from people who are having trouble using their Freenom domains (.ml, .ga, .cf).

Which components are affected by this issue

All free domain names registered with Freenom appear to be having this issue.

What issues may you see

Most reports seem to be related to setting up new domain names, resulting in errors like:

You may also experience issues accessing existing domains, seeing various DNS issues.

When will this issue be resolved

This is an issue with Freenom, not us, so this is outside of our control.

What can you do to fix this

You can get a domain from another provider, or use a free subdomain.


Good to hear that it’s not a nameserver issue.

Huh? It is a nameserver issue, look at the title!

I know, i was just expressing my happiness!

I recently redirected my FreeNom domain ( to my domain from Google Domains ( using CloudFlare.

thinking why admin would make this topic when he can’t contact freenom support nor working as sysadmin at freenom.

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Because it is an issue that effects the platform, as well as your ability to host a website using those domains here.

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There were quite a lot of people here who asked questions like “hey, why can’t I access my site” and “why does it say my nameservers are not set because they are set”.

It’s not an issue with our system, but it did affect many people here, which is why this announcement went up.

That says, it seems fairly quiet now, so it might be over.

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Yup really true @Greenreader9 It was a Hassel but yes now the problem has resolved eeither the way i don’t no to blame whom - is it me who is using free nom / free nom itself


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