Freenom Expired Domain

Is Your Freenom Domain Expired?

Well This is the answer on how you can renew it again

  • Login
  • Cancel your domain that expired or gonna be expired.
  • Register the domain again
  • Done

So Ez Right?

Just renew 14 days before expiry will be a better

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Is still free provided you renew before expiry


I believe even after its expired, you can still renew it for free, but I may br wrong.

Is definitely not free, unless you are willing to wait 6 months after expiry

You cannot renew it again. You will gonnanpay 9$

Renewal is definitely free.
You just need to renew within 14 days before expiry.

Lmao it’s working on you but not on others.

how did you do that?

what did i say?

Uh…Ok My 2nd domain is gonna expire after 17 days. Should i renew it when it’s only have 14 days left?




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