Freenom Domain doesn't work


I don’t know why my Freenom domain doesn’t work
even though I pointed it to NS(1/2).EPIZY.COM ?


The domain is assigned to an InfinityFree account and NS are valid.
We’ll wait a while (1-2h) and if it doesn’t work
you will probably need to remove the domain and add it again
and with that action assign an IP that does not currently exist.


Remove from where? Because the removal in InfinityFree itself takes 60days. And how do I assign an IP address?

Wait first, it could clear up on its own.


From your hosting account?

Once domain is successfully added to hosting account, IP address can be found from the client area

where exactly can i find the ip address?

Client area.



I just said that if it doesn’t work because there was no A record (when I last checked yesterday) then
it is necessary to remove the domain from the system and add it again so that the data on the server is updated and you get an IP (A record). It is a process of less than 5 minutes.

You don’t have to do find an IP !

Btw. your domain is ready to upload files !


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