Freenom cancel my domain lol


I have never made a domain for fraud

Don’t use freenom again? Lol

It is very likely that someone complained
since your address is very similar to these


and such an address then points to a phishing attempt or something similar
and probably activated anti abuse protection

a few things about how it all goes on Freenom



YOU HAD ACCESS TO SUPPORT!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

yea its a complete sentence

I’ll just register a new domain

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I took out a few conversations
in which several common problems are contained
as it says since 2017 they do not respond to free user queries
but one mail address was mentioned and who knows maybe someone is responding


oh lol. i emailed them in 2019 i believe, they never responded

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Eww, Freenom Really bad domain register 1 year = 60 dollar
That’s doesn’t make sense at all

You chose an expensive one :slight_smile:

Domain price chart Freenom - A Name for Everyone

Along the way I will highlight some things for other users here

.cf .gq .ml .ga .tk

The domain (up) has been made available for registration free of charge on Freenom’s website. Exceptions include “High Value” domain names, which include trademark domain names for most Fortune 500 companies and common dictionary terms. Potentially valuable domains which are fewer than 4 characters are also marked “High Value”.

So be very careful when choosing a name :grinning:


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