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It seems every website i build including my latest project, an extremely informative and carefully & compassionately worded anti-body-shaming and anti-psychological-abuse website is being targeted by nazis at Google, Spamhaus, and Facebook. I’ve allready backed up the website and i sincerely appreciate the free service you offer to the public but wanted to give you a friendly fyi that they are exploiting the spam flagging techniques to silence any info that runs counter contrary to their official narrative which is that i should be ashamed of a body part that i was born with and have no control over and if i’m not ashamed then i’m an ememy. That is the honest truth. So, i respectfully request that you deny them the ability to shut down my innocent and absolutely spam-free qwebsite. Thank you for everything that you do! I am one of your biggest fans regardlesss of the outcome.

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This is strange, since SpamHaus gave me no issues:

However, I saw this, which I believe may be the cause of this error:

Sadly, InfinityFree being a free service provider tends to result in spammers trying to abuse it. Such violations are usually quickly detected and dealt with, however in the meantime someone may have filed a report on many subdomains, and SpamHaus decided to add the domain to its blocklist, which likely blocks all free subdomains under it too.

There is a process mentioned for trying to get it de-listed, but only the Admin could file it and he has mentioned he’s tried it in the past and they were quite hostile at him, so it’s unlikely it would get resolved:

You could try getting another free subdomain from services like which doesn’t seem to be blacklisted, or try getting your own domain. Unfortunately, I’m not sure there’s anything else you can do if you don’t want that warning to display.


signup for a free for life domain @ and free https with cloudflare and give them the middle finger :smiley:


The website is redirecting to the suspended page now.

Irrelevant to the hosting service

Just throwing my 2 cents here, I don’t think you really get “silenced” over such truth nowadays and especially companies such as Google and Microsoft are not one of them. Bullying is a thing but it is done by different people and for different reasons, and not everyone does that.
There are many reasons why you could get no service provided by them but what you said is the least possible one.


I’m with you here. I think it’s not very likely that your site is being targeted specifically, and more that any free subdomains is likely to get banned just because it’s a free subdomain. Spamhaus notoriously blocks any domain for free hosting. Facebook notoriously blanket bans domains used for free hosting. Google search engine ranking is very difficult with free subdomains.

Please understand that we cannot make special exceptions to our abuse handling procedures. Free hosting gets abused a lot (see point above). So if we do get reports that your website is involved in bad stuff, we will take action.

But again, I don’t think your website is being targeted specifically.


:pray: :pray:


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