still down

This site can’t be reached DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

Hi, can any indication be given as to when the service will be back online. Are we talking hours, days or weeks, as it has already been several days. Thanks

We never know when it’s going to fixed. But you always able to create a new subdomain, and move your files to it.

But you can always create a new subdomain and make a move

Yes yes yes, my main language isn’t English, shut up.


Sorry :sweat_smile:

Hi, I think as several days have passed, then we need some further guidance on whether this server is ever coming back. Everyone has RTO timelines for such scenarios even to rebuild from scratch.

We don’t have a timeline nor can we really create one. In the meantime, you can create another subdomain until the one comes back.

I am expecting some time late next week for the domain to come back, but it could always be shorter or longer.

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Late next week is a huge timeline so you need to be sharing that.

I’ve created a new subdomain on but it seems not to be working, not sure if that’s related to DNS propagation or another issue.

I don’t understand

Short answer: no.

iFastNet has asked me to take it down, and since then it’s been complete radio silence. I don’t know when, or even if, it will be safe to bring back up.

Definitely not this issue. If it’s less than 72 hours old, it’s probably DNS cache.


resolved now as the new subdomain is up and running, thanks for the workaround.

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