Free Tools request

Is it possible somehow Infinityfree to add some tools like those

And maybe also php minify like this website

I think it will be very usefull and helpfull.

I’m sorry if I Used the Wrong Topic category.

I just saw the idea from the other hosting platform And I thought it could be good idea also to be added in here as I think Infinityfree is the best free hosting.

What do you guys think about the idea🤔

Most of these tools seem particularly difficult to add. We also have some of these tools already, including the Free SSL Generator and SSL Checker.

At the same time, they are cool gimmicks, but I don’t see how these are particularly helpful to most people. So I’m curious what others have to say about this.

Do you know if this hosting provider used off the shelf software or if they custom coded it?


Password gen - browsers have it built in and generate a pass

Minify tools and stuff probably don’t make sense, because we can divide the users into two groups: Those who know and those who don’t

Those who know will use their tools anyway (greater compression and AI)

Those who do not know will use WP and, and in that case there is no point in messing with the code

It is useful mostly for propaganda purposes to make it appear that the hosting offers great support.

I believe that 50% of users would not even know what a certain tool does and how to use it


It’s a custom code, I can provide their website aswell I didn’t wanted to post it because it will be like promoting other free hostings providers, which to me seems wrong

Well I’m using wordpress and I use some minify tools from their website, I don’t know how much it’s true but when minify it, the size of the script etc… are getting smaller and (boosting performance).I’m not sure if it’s really boosting something but the size of file its getting smaller size


It is useful as well as combining multiple CSS into one file (because WP has a lot of separate CSS that wastes time/speed) , but for such actions it is simpler to start a plugin and auto-optimize.


This mean another plugin and which mean (more inodes, because of the files) and will take other resources and leads to more loads time and it will be less effective correct me if I’m wrong.

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It’s the same in life… the one who knows how to fix some electronic device and the like doesn’t have to pay a handyman

Throwing a bunch of tools in front of someone’s door does not mean that everyone will then become a craftsman and repair household appliances

And then we come back to what I said before…that there are people who know and people who don’t know…
And of course those who don’t have time or don’t want to waste time digging into every JS or CSS file or cause even bigger problems with their lack of knowledge and then blame some hosting tool for the resulting problems.


Effectively, you can choose two of three:

  • Easy of use and safety.
  • Low disk usage.
  • Low bandwidth usage.

If you want 1 and 2, don’t bother minifying your files.

If you want 1 and 3, use an optimization plugin like Auto Optimize.

If you want 2 and 3, minify the files by hand.

The thing is that the performance benefits of minification are quite small (compression works almost as well at much less effort), disk space is generally plentiful, and minifying your files by hand takes a lot of work. For custom coded sites, it might be interesting to consider, but for the majority of people who use off the shelf software, I’d say it’s not worth it.

Still, if that’s how people want to spend their time, and it doesn’t take too much effort for us to offer it, then we can just add it.


I think it would be great to be added , I agree with somewhat oxy said here

for this part what oxy said I guess it can be added text how exactly every tool works example…

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

I’d like to see also what other people think about it.


I don’t think InfinityFree should implement these things.

  • It can make the current clean UI very cluttered.
  • One that care enough about these would find similar or even better tools, and if one don’t care, he don’t want use them, as Oxy and Admin all stated before.

Adding desciptive texts is OK, but it will then require a lot of additional pages and just screw up the current UI.

That’s my thoughts only, so don’t take it too serious :slight_smile:

By the way, just in the 1st screenshot you shared the description mixed “JavaScript” and “JSON”. And all of these 3 screenshots seem to have the exact same general, and mostly useless description.


When most people navigate a system, they just look for the things they need (or think they need). If they have no idea what a minifier is, or why they would use one, they probably won’t bother opening the tool and learn about it.

So either you need to put tools in a place where those who are looking for it will find it, or actively shove it into people’s faces.

And I still believe that these tools are pretty much gimmicks, and because I don’t want to

These functions would be nicely tucked away.


From a senior dev perspective, I think only DNS and WHOIS is interesting as opening ports here is not achievable on this hosting, other items are merely a composer library install or a simple implementation away, which we might not even bother to have a tool to do that manually, but rather automatically.

It might be helpful for new learners tho, but they’ll eventually get to know PHP *_encode functions and use those instead. Or those who don’t want to learn, just install a WordPress plugin and forget about it. It might be too much manual effort to copy and paste stuff over to the tool and back to the code.

On point.

Agreed and lol :joy: