Free Subdomain Feedback Requested

I have a question for everyone using InfinityFree services: what do you think about our current free subdomains?

Do you believe the current selection is good enough, or do you think more domains should be added? Do you have any thoughts on what (kind of) domain options for subdomains would be good to have?


I think is good because it is short and good-looking. Having one of these it’s good enough for me.

I would say I’m not a fan of long subdomains like and I don’t think it makes much sense to have a website saying that you are using a “freecluster” on the website address. is a bit too long in my opinion.


Short domains are what I like, they’re easy to tell to people instead of saying a super long domain as @SpookyKipper stated.


Hmmm…this domain looks unique, but not cheap


Makes me feel like a VIP


I agree with most of what was mentioned

The best domains for subdomains are those that are neutral in their name, for the same reason short ones are good (they don’t say anything in the name).

Although there are, in my opinion, enough freesubdomains (including those from ifastnet) to choose from.
The question is how many names are already occupied by users
so introducing a new one might be useful.

with I like .EU but not the length as well as the word “free”

because it automatically suggests that it belongs to something free instead of acting like it belongs to that one specific person who chose some name for the sub part (it’s the same for infinityfreeapp).

Apart from that, we may not need new subdomains
because somehow this is the sequence that users follow:

  1. they choose a freesubdomain
    for testing or for a short temporary school assignment,
    unless they are bad guys who use it for other purposes.

  2. those who come to this forum learn about Freenom
    and then they decide to use one of the cf, ga, ml, gq options (they leave freesubdomains).

  3. after that they buy a domain because Freenom has problems with SEO, FB, DNSSEC, etc.



Domain hacks like and others would be useful as well.


That’s a cool idea for a domain! Too bad that those exotic domain extensions are often hard to get, and sometimes very expensive. A .pr domain starts at $1000 per year.


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