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i am trying to install SSL from a free provider and am stuck on the /.well-kknown/acme-challeng/hash
when i click the link manually it’s accessible but when SSL provider try to connect to it says

Oops…Please check token not available

It looks like that’s a site that uses Let’sEncrypt. InfinityFree uses bot protection, to keep your site safe from malicious bots. However, it has the negative side effect of not allowing the bot that Let’sEncrypt uses for verification to to work. There are multiple ways around it however, like using TXT validation on another DNS service (like Cloud Flare) and then pointing your domain to InfinityFree after the verification. This only works it you’re using a TLD domain though.

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i am using my own domain please can you be more clear

You need to set the nameservers to your domain registrar ones, then go to Manage DNS records (this depends on what domain registrar you have; it may be different) and create two CNAME records, one without name/with the domain name/with the name of @ that points to the Main Domain that can be found on the Control Panel, another one with the name of www (if that option requires a domain name to be added with www put your domain name) that points to your domain, and two TXT records when you verify the certificate that have some names and text values; put the names on the TXT record, the TTL on 1 (if your domain registrar doesn’t allow values lower than the nominative 60 put 60 instead) and the text value is the value you need to put on the TXT records. Save the DNS changes and download the certificate. You need first to copy the Private Key, then go to the SSL/TLS section of the Control Panel, then paste the private key into the apposite field and click on Upload Key, then copy the certificate, paste it into the apposite field and click on Upload Certificate. Done! Now you can delete the TXT records and remember, before 15 days that the certificate will expire, to renew it by recreating the TXT records like before.
After that, go to your wp-admin and change the URL of your website from http:// to https:// one, and save the changes.

Can you be a little more informative and fill out the template that appeared during the creation of a topic…
like website URL (domain)?

So that users do not have to speculate it is there WordPress, some dynamic code or static page.
Because the process is not the same for routing to HTTPS

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