Free ssl or cloudfare

Should i use free ssl on infinityfree or cloudfare?
I can remember the last time infinityfree was having a problem with cloudfare. Has it be fixed?

It does work, but I believe that there are some limitations on cloudflare integration, but the @Admin can explain.
Either ways work, but the exception are subdomains.
Cloudflare will not let you add subdomains, and free ssl doesn’t support subdomain because Let’s Encrypt has some limit on how many subdomains can be issued a certificate.

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Free SSL’s are not working anyway… I tried few times… not working. They succeeded with verification, but when I try Issue an SSL, I see an error ot step 3: Unable to connect to domain name and Filed on second step.

Its the same on a friends profile that I admin and make his website…

Are you trying to get an SSL certificate for a subdomain or a domain?
What about getting an SSL certificate by using cloudflare?


Both Cloudflare and our SSL certificates has pros and cons.

Cloudflare automatically manages creates, installs and renews certificates for all your subdomains. With our SSL integration you’ll need to manually install and renew your SSL certificates, and these certificates cannot be installed on subdomains.

But our SSL setup doesn’t require you to manage your own DNS settings with an external provider, and doesn’t require your website to work well with Flexible SSL (which can be finicky to configure correctly).

The best way would be to have automatic free SSL certificates integrated into the hosting platform, but that’s only available on free hosting.

The free SSL system is still in beta and still fails relatively frequently. This can be caused by weird errors at Let’s Encrypt and inconsistencies with DNS propagation. If a certificate request fails, double check that your CNAME records are setup correctly (by hand at your DNS provider, not just with our checker), and try again an hour or so later.

If you would like me to investigate why a certificate request failed, I can check it for you. But I don’t see any SSL domains in your profile anymore, so I don’t know what to check.

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A normal domain. Well I did but after issuing an Free SSL from my profile and after that Cloudflare gives an error an1 nothing works then, you have to start the entire profile all over again WITHOUT the free SSL, but directly cloudflare.

It gives green on CNAMEs double, triple, 1000289309823908213-ple checked :wink: It happens the same on two completrly different profiles :slight_smile:
Yes I removed them I am trying to get cloudflare, but after issuing the free ssl, cliudflare gave some errors. I dont see anymore the account delete button anymore in the new interface so I can start all over again.

I can try to help you, but to do that, I must ask you to add the SSL domain again, setup the new CNAME records and try to get the SSL certificate. It if fails again, just leave everything there and come back here. That way, I can look in the debug info in the backend and see what happened.

Since you already deleted the SSL domain, I can’t check anymore which certificates failed, when they failed or why. I need the failed certificates to be there to check that.

There was no delete account button in the old interface either. If you’re looking for the deactivate button, that’s still at the bottom of the Edit Account screen, just like it was before.


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