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SSL certificate error: The provider encountered an error verifying the DNS settings of your domain name. Please double check your nameserver settings and try again later.

Error detail: Incorrect TXT record "3iimyGVVA7p0gjRN7TwIsMcGXukSr39pEDtZAaeHu6o" found at

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they didin’t tell me to put a txt record
i already set the cname record from cloudflare
but the problem is the same i already tried to wait but it doesn’t work

Is your CNAME record set to “DNS only” or are you proxying it? If you’re proxying it, try disabling that.
If you have also double-checked that the record given to you in the client area matches the record you have set in your DNS management and it still doesn’t work, try ordering a new certificate and see if that fixes the problem.


That’s because you shouldn’t put a TXT record. Actually, publishing your own TXT record in Cloudflare’s DNS will prevent our SSL validation from working.

I see a TXT record for is currently published in Cloudflare’s nameservers. Please check your DNS records in Cloudflare and remove the TXT record if it exists.

If you cannot find such record, it’s likely that Cloudflare published this record on your domain. Cloudflare needs to add these records to your domain for their Universal SSL to work, but doing so means that our SSL verification doesn’t work.

Cloudflare’s record should disappear automatically once they complete their verification. If not, please contact Cloudflare about this.

You can check this for yourself with a DNS lookup tool, like DigWebInterface:

A good result should show a CNAME record like this:

But right now, it returns a different TXT record like this:


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