Free SSL Certificates for free domain help pls

Hello all!

I have a free domain from Freenom and I looking for free SSL cert.
Help pls

See this article: How to install an SSL certificate - Docs - InfinityFree Forum


I can’t get free SSL cert from infinityfree because my domain it is a free domain.

You can get it eventhough you are using free domain.

You can’t get it if you used subdomain.

This is the best support docs you will ever need.

I’m so new to this stuff pls check picture and let me whats wrong thx

Just wait until it propagate properly.


thx for your help

Have you created that CNAME on your hosting panel?

The CNAME record is not pointing to the right destination (current value: why is that?

Make sure their DESTINATION are correct.

how do I get those destinations?

From your certificate client area.

Make sure they are same DESTINATION for each records (both on client area & hosting panel CNAME menu).


ok I got it now

This is your client area:

This is your hosting panel:

Do whatever to your hosting panel (delete/add new) so the DESTINATION are same with your client area for each record.


thx I finally did it

so the free SSL is only for 3 month’s

Yes, but you can renew it at every time before it expires by reissuing a certificate and installing it on your hosting account by replacing the old private key and certificate.


thx good to know