Free SSL certificate (https is not working)

Hi All, I have configured Free SSL Certificate the status is verified and 0 active certificate but when I open my website using Wordpress platform, the status still not secure, May I know how to make it HTTPS? and I have installed also plugin Wordpress Really Simple SSL and activated but still not working also. Please kindly need help

Hi there, what is your website URL?

Hi Magnus… my website

can u open it?

Have you set the WordPress Admin Settings, so that your site is https?

If not, login to your WP Admin and go to settings.

Make sure you set your website URL to

You can also edit this in the wp-config file or in the database.

Did you click the SSL domain in the client area? Did you proceed through all the numbered cards and complete the instructions in them?

The cards are numbered, Step 1, Step 2, etc. for a reason. If you follow complete them all in sequence, you should have a website working with HTTPS in the end.

If it says “0 Active Certificates”, it means you haven’t completed step 2 yet.

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I can’t find the numbered step1, step 2, etc… in which menu I can find them?

All I can find just now in client area is menu SSL (security) inside this menu there’s generate key for private key and CSR, do i need to generate this in order to get active certificate?

Hi Magnus… if I activated the really simple ssl plug in in Wordpress then my website can’t be accessed, if I deactivated really simple ssl plug in it can be accessed

Login to the client area, go to SSL Certificates and click the domain name for which you are trying to get the certificate. On that page, you’ll see the numbered cards.

That’s not the client area, that’s the control panel.

Just to be clear, the “client area” is the panel at The “control panel” is the panel at

I know it’s a bit confusing. If you have any suggestions on how to make that better, I’d be happy to consider them.


oh ok, thank u, I have configured all and the https now is working… thanks a lot

I installed ssl and got the certificate but my website is still not secure.

I installed ssl and got the certificate but my website is still not secure.

Have a 301 redirect. Set it up using your wordpress dashboard:

Settings > General > Site Address (URL) : Change http to https


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