Free SSL Certificate Error

Failed (code #2) — “SSL certificate error: Let’s Encrypt encountered an error verifying the DNS settings of your domain name. Please try again later.”

Hi guys, I need help, I am trying to install an SSL Certificate for my website hosted on InfiniteFree.
I followed all the procedures, created the CName records…

But it still fails? Any hints? What should I do?
Does this procedure to generate a Free SSL Certificate works on InfiniteFree?

Or is there another ways to get one for free to work here.

Thanks in advance!

Hello there,

If you are trying to issue an SSL from Let’s Encrypt via then it won’t work due to the security system present and also you can’t add DNS TXT records here for manual DNS verification.

You can go to the Client Are and on the Menu you can see a “SSL certificates” tab and there just follow the instructions provided to get a free LE SSL for your site.

I checked the logs and it seems that the error code for your certificate is incorrect. It should display another, more descriptive error message.

Specifically, the issue is that your domain name is using and as nameservers. Unfortunately, there are some problems with the nameservers which results in issues with Let’s Encrypt’s domain validation.

To fix this, you can change your domain’s nameservers to and and wait for a few hours. After that, you should be able to issue a new certificate.


HI again, I changed the DNS To point to

But when I access the page:

I fill the current info, Italy, Torino…etc… And validate…

Nothing happens, it does not generate a key. What am I doing wrong?

Please advise.

For starters: that you’re generating a key and CSR from the control panel. If you want to use our free SSL certificates. The client area generates a private key and certificate for you to upload, so generating one yourself to overwrite later is a waste of time.

If you want to use another SSL vendor which requires you to provide a CSR, then please make sure to fill in ALL fields on the form, even the ones which don’t apply to you, or the key and CSR will not be generated.

Sorry, I know I am doing something wrong, but:<

“The client area generates a private key and certificate for you to upload” I follow the steps, it generated a key & a certificate, and when I pasted them, I got an error message, telling me they were not good!

You need to upload the data from the client area to your account. You can generate a million private keys, CSRs and dummy certificates, but it won’t change that fact.

If you’re unable to, can you please share the actual error message, not just your interpretation of the message?

Also, please make sure to copy ALL the contents of the box in the client area. That includes the lines with the dashes.



I manage to follow the last instructions, I guess I had not included the top and bottom parts with the title and dashes. It has worked as now, my website domain has an https !

I am very grateful for the help.

One last question before we close this topic, The certificate Expires: Sunday, 23 August 2020 at 16:37:50 Central

To renew, I need to go over the same process every 3 months?


Correct! Since the maximum lifespan of a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate is only 3 months. You’ll have to renew a total of 4 times each year.

Many thanks! Cheers! :+1:

Mostly, yes. If you don’t delete the CNAME records now, you can skip that process in a few months and immediately get the SSL certificate and install it.


Hi again… I am puzzled… My Website SSL lock has disappeared as of a few days ago…I have not made any modifications, and when I look at my settings on Infinitefree, it tells me that the SSL certificates are good until: 2020-08-23.

Can you advise?

It sounds like you are checking your website over HTTP instead of HTTPS. If the SSL certificate had expired, you would see a big error page and a red lock. Can you double check you’ve setup correct HTTP to HTTPS redirects on your site?

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The problem arises when I made a search on google, and indeed it is the http:// that appears and not the https//:
Where do I go to reconfigure the correct path to the secure site?

Of course, I am not a geek programmer, so I read different options:

Method:1- .htaccess file** or Php… it depends on the servers of InfiniteFree,

or a dirty way:

<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0;URL=" />

This seems a simple an easy way for me…

Your thoughts?

I’m not gonna use this if i was you, because it’ll always redirect even if the traffic is on https.

htaccess can do the favor, there are lotta htaccess codes to redirect your site to https. You can find them with googling.


Thanks guys, I managed to make the modification with a new .htaccess file. Everything is OK now.


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