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Hello, I want to host Node.js applications for free on I’m sure there are thousands of customers who want to try this for free. I have read and read the previous answers on this subject. You said that you do not plan to provide Node.js free hosting service recently. Don’t you think it’s time to provide free Node.js hosting service? please gift this service to new developers with a generic domain. I think now is the time for that. I’ve read about people using your paid services. I know that even novice developers can now easily and safely run Node.js applications on Cpanel. you are the biggest free hosting provider I know and enjoy using. I know that you have satisfied customers with your free services, byethost ifastnet securesignup, infinityfree and dozens of domain names for nearly 20 years. Adding Node.js hosting, one of today’s best tools, to your toolbox on this wonderful journey can even change web applications and developer habits. PHP has done great work so far. It’s time to retire him. I’m sure if you’re going to continue to provide free hosting, if not now, you will consider offering free Node.js hosting options in the very near future. We will be waiting for your great news. Love and respect to all management staff and employees working in, ecosystem. Best wishes.

These sites can host Node.js


Hello. Remember that iFastMet owns the servers that InfinityFree uses, and that they are in change of what gets installed.

There are many other free websites (that @cookie1982 mentioned above) that support NodeJS, that you can use. InfinityFree/iFastNet is not planning adding NodeJS support anytime soon, although you can upgrade to a premium account, or use any of the the sites previously mentioned, to do so.


Nope. Still don’t. Same reasons as before.

The technical reasons why it’s complicated haven’t changed, and Node.js hasn’t taken PHP as the dominant web language.

Yes, there are free services where you can host Node.js apps, but those don’t fall in the typical category of “web hosting services” like we offer them. For web hosting, PHP is still the main language everywhere.


I hope the administrator will do a survey with users about this. Let’s see what the results will be. If Node.js will wait, let it wait.

We won’t do a survey for this.

We still provide a web hosting service. It’s not intended for developers. Glitch, Heroku and other application hosting platforms a fundamentally different products.

Please don’t get an apple and complain it doesn’t taste like a banana, and that the apple farmer should really create a type of apples that tastes like bananas. Just get a banana instead.


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